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ATMA Mock Test

ATMA Mock Test 2021: Candidates preparing for ATMA must attempt ATMA 2021 mock test as a part of their preparation. The conducting body, Association of Indian Management Schools, releases mock test of ATMA 2021 officially in the online mode. All aspirants wo register for the exam can practice for the MBA/PGDM entrance test using ATMA mock test. The online mock test of ATMA 2021 can be accessed by the candidates using their official registered email ID and password. Candidates attempting the mock test of ATMA 2021 will have prior knowledge about the exam pattern, the type and pattern of questions, etc. Practising the ATMA 2021 mock test will provide the candidates to create exam day like conditions, which will help them hone their preparation. Candidates are advised to read below to get complete information on ATMA mock test 2021.

ATMA Mock Test 2021 - Importance

  • The AIMS Test for Management Admissions is condcted in the online mode as a Computer Based Test. The mock tests allow candidates to experience the nuances of taking an online exam.
  • Candidates practising ATMA mock test 2021 will have information about the type of questions they can expect in the test which will prepare them for the actual challenge on the exam day.
  • It is advised that candidates try and solve the ATMA 2021 mock test as the time-bound manner of the test allows candidates to have a better understanding of how to manage in a speed-based test as time-management is a must-have skill required for the online exam.
  • The ATMA 2021 mock test will allow the candidates to know about the various types of topics from which they can expect questions in the examination.
  • In addition to knowing about the range of topics, solving mock test of ATMA 2021 will allow candidates to formulate a strategy of how to approach each section coupled with managing their time as they attempt various questions.
  • ATMA mock test is free of cost and can be attempted by all the candidates who had registered for the exam.

How to take ATMA Mock Test 2021

Candidates can follow the steps mentioned below to attempt the mock test of ATMA 2021.

  • Visit the official website of ATMA 2021
  • In the page that opens, click on the link for ‘Mock Tests’
  • You will be redirected to a new login page, where you will be required to enter the email id and password (if you have already registered).
  • In case you have not registered earlier, you can register by clicking the ‘Register an Account’ link in red on the same page
  • On a new window, read the instructions provided carefully
  • Click on the link ‘Mock Test 1’ after reading the instructions carefully
  • The ATMA 2021 mock test comprises of three sections - Verbal, Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative
  • Each section in ATMA entranc test is time bound and allots 30 minutes duration for candidates to attempt the questions provided
  • Candidates can attempt a particular section within the assigned tie limit only and can move on the next section only after the assigned time limit is over
  • Candidates can, however, navigate between questions in a particular sections by clicking on ‘Save & Previous Question’/’Save & Next Question’
  • The number of questions attempted/unattempted will appear on the left side of the screen
  • To submit the ATMA Mock test, click on ‘Submit’
  • Your scores based on the marking pattern, will be revealed at the end of the test

ATMA 2021 - Preparation Tips

ATMA is conducted by Association of Indian Management Schools to screen candidates for admission to Master of Business Administration/Post Graduate Diploma in Management courses in its associated colleges. In addition, several other colleges accept ATMA scores for accepting students into their law programmes. ATMA 2021 will thus, be attempted by thousands of students across the country. Candidates appearing in the test can benefit a lot by following the preparation tips mentioned below.

  • At the onset of preparation for ATMA 2021, candidates must /make themselves familiar with the detailed syllabus for the exam.
  • Candidates should plan their study schedule in accordance with the syllabus, i.e. according to the weightage and mark distribution attributed to each section/topic in the syllabus.
  • Candidates must also utilize a list of recommended books and study material to prepare for the exam. Additionally, candidates can also refer the top recommended books for each section.
  • Candidates should brush up on their grammar and comprehension skills in order to be able to ace the Verbal Section of the exam.
  • For the analytical reasoning section, candidates should make habit of reading essays. In addition to this, candidates must solve questions from previous year papers of ATMA. With regular practice, candidates are likely to be able to solve such questions in a more time-efficient manner.
  • In case, candidates find it difficult to comprehend a particular topic, they should devote their time accordingly on how to understand and analyze the topic and try to solve maximum number of questions on the same.

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