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CAT Preparation Tips

25 Nov 2021 15:22:54 PM

With a few days left for CAT exam, one must avoid last-minute study and be confident about their preparation. It is natural to be anxious before the exam.  So, here candidates can check CAT 2021 last minute strategy & tips. 



With the metaphorical ‘sword of justice’ hanging on your neck in the form of CAT 2021, it is obvious to be nervous and feel the pressure of appearing for the most competitive MBA entrance exam of the year. If you think you are alone with regards to panic attacks, anxiety and nervous breakdown a day before the CAT exam, you couldn’t be more wrong. All the aspirants appearing for the CAT exam are feeling the heat and it is natural. Feeling nervous before a competitive exam like the CAT exam is a natural thing and no amount of preparation can help you on this front. However, what can really help you out is a sharp and focused approach to things that you need to keep in mind as the last-minute tips for CAT exam 2021. 

With only a few days are left for the Common Admission Test (CAT), the candidates mustn't experiment with anything new and revise thoroughly whatever they have studied in the past six months to one year. So, step back and minimize your study time. Revise important topics and formulas. For the rest of the time, relax. Below, we have shortlisted a few things that might help you and last minute tips to crack CAT 2021. 

Last Minute Tips for CAT Exam 2021

  • Revision: It is important to have an uncluttered mind. Also, at this stage, it is impossible to go through all the books of CAT while revising the topics. Hence, you must prepare notes for important formulas and tricks so that you can have a glance just before appearing for the CAT exam. Thus, spend the last week before CAT 2021 in revision.
  • Take Mock Tests: By now you must have realized that no amount of studying will help you bell the CAT, until and unless you practice. As part of your last minute brushing up and revision, we advise that you treat CAT mock tests as your best friend. The CAT 2021 Mock tests will enable you to revise the CAT exam pattern, remind you of the CAT syllabus and key topics, as well as help you to build the right strategy to answer the questions. We also strongly advise CAT aspirants to take up the mock test in the time slot in which they have to appear for the CAT test. 
    Another thing to keep in mind with regards to CAT mock tests is that you shouldn’t allow the test results to get to your head. Irrespective of how you perform in the CAT Mock Tests, you must remember that the final exam is going to be much different compared to this and therefore, good or bad; mock tests don’t really reflect upon your performance in the CAT Exam.
  • Exam Day Strategy: Prepare a strategy. Scan the section before you start attempting questions. Get a mental fix of what areas the questions are from and get a broad feel of the questions you would like to attempt first up. This will help you to get a broad feel of the areas and difficulties of the paper.

CAT 2021 Last Minute Strategy and Tips 

CAT is conducted not solely for scoring grades but it also analyses how well can a candidate handle the exam stress. Therefore, you must pursue your hobbies amid the preparation to calm yourself. Now, all you need to do is think of an exam day strategy keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses.  Check below some last minute tips for cat exam 2021

1. Admit Card and ID Proof

Appearing for CAT Exam is nothing less than a battle and in order to win one, you need to be well-prepared for it. However, CAT exam is a battle of wits and you have been preparing your mind for it since a long time. The only thing that must be with you on the exam day is your CAT Admit card and identity proof. Make sure your CAT admit card printout that you are carrying is legible and contains correct information including the right photograph. In addition to the CAT admit card, you will also have to present an identity proof which must corroborate the details provided on the admit card. Many candidates choose to take along a bag with calculator, books, pens and pencils or stationary items; but none of these items are allowed inside the CAT exam centre. Therefore, it’s best not to carry such items.

CAT 2021: Exam Day Dos and Don’ts

2. Follow ‘No Regrets’ Policy

As we discussed before, anxiety and panic are natural for anyone appearing for a competitive exam like CAT 2021. But the majority of such instances arise due to the lack of confidence in CAT exam preparation and the popular Twitter hashtag #fomo which translates to ‘fear of missing out’ on key topics. You have devoted a considerable amount of time to prepare for the CAT exam. Thus, today is not a day to regret! You must feel confident about the hard work you have put in to prepare for the biggest MBA entrance exam in India. And as always, genuine hard work will bear its fruit. So follow a ‘no regrets’ policy. Doing so will ease a lot of pressure and help you concentrate on the things that you need to do, rather than things that you missed out on doing in the past during the CAT preparation phase.  

5 step process to answer CAT 2021 Questions easily

3. Be Positive & Keep up your spirits

CAT MBA entrance exam is the battle of great minds where all aspirants have put in their heart and soul to prepare for the test. However, in this battle, the key differentiator is often not the preparation or strategy but the temperament and positive outlook of the candidates. The old adage ‘Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes’ captures the spirit which will help you stand apart and over other MBA aspirants. This becomes even more important in the days and hours prior to the D-day. With insurmountable pressure and high competition, it is only your positive outlook and spirit that will help you constructively deal with anxiety and nervousness.

6 ways to prepare for CAT 2021  with CAT previous year papers

4. Analyze the official CAT sample paper

Another practical step that you can take on the day preceding the CAT exam is to go through the official CAT sample papers released by the IIM Lucknow. The general trend suggests that CAT paper will follow the general exam pattern and question format and style of the official CAT sample paper released after the CAT Admit Card. The level of difficulty and number of questions in each section might vary, but the overall theme and feel of the exam would follow the same CAT pattern as given in the CAT sample paper. Therefore, it would be wise to re-look and revise the official CAT sample paper again and go through it in detail. In fact, many CAT aspirants who have scored above 99 percentile have followed the same technique and it has benefited them greatly.

5. Meditate – Go back to your mind palace

If you are one of the serious aspirants taking up the CAT exam, then you must have started preparing for the mother of all MBA entrance tests well in advance. This means that many of the things that you might have studied during the initial stages may not be as fresh as they should be. Although you might have devoted a considerable amount of time to studying a particular formula for quant or a word for VR section, you might not be able to recall all of them. But, the human mind is an excellent hard drive and it stores everything you study. To recall such difficult information or topics, meditation will help you go back to your mind palace and recover such information that can help you in cracking the CAT exam. Apart from helping your recall important details, meditation will also help you ease your nerves and prepare your brain for the tough test that lies ahead.

Top 100 words for CAT 2021  Exam Preparation

6. Relax and enjoy yourself

All though this might sound like ‘very bad advice’ at first; it isn’t irrelevant. You have been busy preparing for the ultimate test of the CAT exam for the past 1 year. With just a few days or hours to go, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on you and your brain to perform at its best. Your instinct might tell you to study an extra hour or pick up another book or cover another topic to beat the competition. But like every other organ of the body, even the brain has a saturation point and needs to relax. And frankly, if you have checked all the right boxes when it comes to CAT exam preparation, there is nothing to worry about. Last-minute cramming will only hurt your brain, making it harder for you to perform on the D-day. So, relax and enjoy yourself. Indulge in something completely different, like watching a movie; to take your mind off the competition and the tough CAT test. A relaxed mind will be up to the challenge when you need all of its energy for the ultimate test on D-day. 

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All the best for CAT Exam!

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