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IBSAT Preparation Tips

26 Aug 2021 13:18:05 PM

Jagranjosh.com brings to you IBSAT last minute preparation tips that will help IBSAT 2021 test takers boost their last minute preparation and achieve the best result on exam day.

IBSAT Last Minute Preparation Tips- After CAT, IIFT and SNAP exam, the major MBA entrance exam that is waiting to test your aptitude is IBSAT 2021. IBSAT offers a bright opportunity to the MBA aspirants to seek admission in one of the 9 campuses of ICFAI Business School. IBSAT 2021 is tentatively scheduled for the last week of December 2021. With barely few days in hand from the exam day, it is time to make the most of IBSAT last minute preparation tips. Therefore, do not waste your precious preparation hours in anxiety. Let go off the exam jitters with the help of these practical tips at your disposal. Jagranjosh will help IBSAT 2021 aspirants boost their last minute preparation to achieve the best result on exam day.

Before we head to IBSAT last minute prep tips, let us first understand whatever has been prepared is the most important and needs a quick touch up before the exam.

IBSAT 2021 Last Minute Prep Tips

IBSAT 2021 exam contains four sections namely Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy, Quantitative Aptitude, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability. It is an online, computer-based test that has to complete in 2 hours duration.

IBSAT 2021 Exam Pattern

IBSAT Exam Sections

No. of Questions

Data Interpretation & Data Adequacy


Quantitative Aptitude


Reading Comprehension


Verbal Ability




Now that we are clear with the sections in the IBSAT 2021 exam, let us understand how to tackle the IBSAT exam with some great IBSAT last minute preparation tips;

IBSAT 2021 Last Minute Preparation Tips

1. Mock Tests are Your Best Friend

Yes, you read that right. Treat mock tests are your new best friend as they will be your last and most effective tool to seal your last minute preparation time. Though mock tests are advised to be used from the initial days of IBSAT preparation, it plays a vital role in the IBSAT last minute preparation tips. Attempt as many IBSAT mock tests as possible, be cautious not to overdo. The best part of the mock test papers- they give you a real sense of sitting in the exam hall. Completing mock tests seriously within the stipulated time duration will bear the maximum benefit in your preparation.

2. Art of Time Management

Now that you are in good hands of the IBSAT mock tests; make sure you nail the art of time management to add the final touch to your IBSAT last minute preparation. Though in the beginning you may face issues with completing the IBSAT tests within time, the mock test papers are there to guide you through. When attempting a mock test, make sure to keep a tab on the timer and attempt first only those questions that you are sure of. Do no waste time on the one’s you’re unsure of. The key to time management is to not get entangled with a particular question and move back and forth to make the most of you time.

3. Revision  

Ever since the evolution of ‘Exam’ we have been told to revise. Revision is one of the most efficient ways to assure you have sealed what you have been learning from a long time. You may have revised a particular topic or section several times in the initial stage, however, it is crucial that you revise those topics once or twice again before the final day. Once a complete revision is done, move to the next simpler topic that you can remember easily. Do not go for tough or complicated topics, instead utilize the last few days to polish your strengths and be confident with your preparation. Revision is surely one of the top IBSAT last minute preparation tips that may take away from this article.

4. Accuracy and Speed

Accuracy and speed on the exam day play a major role in deciding your fate in the IBSAT exam. it is crucial to maintain speed and accuracy during the exam. Maintaining a perfect balance of the two can do wonders for your overall score, solving questions in less will give you an edge to attempt more questions and analyze what to do next. But in the process, do not forget to main accuracy. It is accuracy at the end that matters the most.

5. Stop Last Day Torture

This is more like an advice than IBSAT last minute preparation tips. Do not go overboard with the last day mug up. Generally, a night before the main exam, we tend to stay overnight or no sleep at all. But this is not how you should go about the last day preparation. You last day should be more about relaxed revision and a feeling of satisfaction. Overdoing is only going to make you more anxious and you may even feel blank thinking of a certain topic or question. If you feel blank, remember there is so much only that your brain can take and it is indicating its exhaustion level.

IBSAT last minute preparation tips can go on. At the end it is you and your preparation that will bear the fruits after you step out of the exam hall. So be confident and give it your best. Remember, this is not the end; you will always have another chance and another day.

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